• Field Day
  • 23. August 2018
  • Wadenbrunn





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23. August 2018

more than 10,000 visitors
more than 30,000 hp
around 100 implements and machines
90 hectare showground


A great programme of entertainment
Fascinating product demonstrations
Lots of new innovations
Sensational prizes



Programme highlights
09:30 START: Future to the Field
10:00 Fendt Future to the Field parade
The full programme can be found here.


Address for navigation:
Wadenbrunn / Kolitzheim

Our hubs – Where to find what

Hub 6
Fendt Performance in Golden Harvesting

At themed hub 6, we present everything Fendt has to offer regarding golden harvesting.
You’ll see the Fendt IDEAL in action with its outstanding straw quality and overload capacity. Presenting the Fendt Squadra with its impressive baling density.



Harvest time is the time of year where maximum performance is required from man and machine. Constant innovation and improvement are required to maintain smooth performance and efficiency. Fendt has taken a huge step forward into the future with the brand new IDEAL combine harvester, and the Squadra square baler in a revolutionary design. The performance capacity and outstanding efficiency based on smart assistant systems makes harvesting much easier and faster.



The Fendt IDEAL is a combine harvester which meets and exceeds the requirements of all farmers and contractors worldwide, and which predicts losses through smart systems and makes automatic adjustments to harvest exceptional yields efficiently. A harvester which sets new benchmarks when it comes to output and efficiency, and which provides reliability at all times through innovative aftersales and service packages. A whole new harvesting experience. With the three different models, the Fendt IDEAL achieves maximum output coupled with efficient fuel consumption.


Exceptional grain quality is achieved using the Helix threshing and separating system. When it comes to cleaning, the combine harvester shines thanks to the two concave return floors. This allows the preparation floor to be filled with crop right at the front of the floor. With a large grain tank capacity of 17,100 l, and a flow rate of 210 l/s, the Fendt IDEAL provides the fastest discharge rate on the market, while the new ScrollSwing controller for the discharge tube and the automatic table docking AutoDock system ensure stress-free, high-precision work.

The L-Series combine harvesters are now also available in a ParaLevel version. The system compensates for slopes up to 20?%. This ensures an optimal crop flow in all locations, and safeguards the excellent threshing quality even in difficult situations.


Headers for maize harvesting are another new feature: Fendt CornFlowTM maize headers are perfectly tailored to Fendt combine models, and harvest maize extremely efficiently without losses. They also score highly through their durability, reliability, and exceptional maintenance accessibility. As a genuine Fendt product, the CornFlowTM headers also enjoy the familiar, extensive Fendt service and warranty terms.


When it comes to square balers, the ideal baling pressure is what counts. Perfectly compressed crop means more material per bale, less time in the field and in transportation. The Fendt Squadra 1290 UD compresses perfect bales of silage, hay and straw. Consistent shape and excellent forage quality are the result of proven baling technology – the perfect addition to Fendt tractors and harvesters, and just as reliable and efficient.


The Fendt Squadra 1290 UD square baler delivers huge baling densities and efficient output. Its exterior design marks a generational change in Fendt square balers. This high-power, robust but lightweight and compact machine from the AGCO plant in Hesston, USA scores highly with its innovative overall concept, reliability and exceptional durability thanks to many decades of experience in development. Fendt is blazing new trails with the high-quality top of the range Squadra 1290 UD. The machine is equipped with an innovative ultra main gearbox and 6 double knotters in combination with a newly developed category of twine.


The process up to the pre-compression chamber must also be efficient. Two centring screws on both sides ensure that the crop is efficiently compressed right from the start, and also that large, uneven swathes can be distributed homogenously. The smooth-running, actively driven feed screw covers the entire pickup width, and support the feeding of very large swathes to the 6 packer tines. The combination of the new pickup design, the tines and driven feed roller, produces a 20% increase in your output.


The new OptiForm Ultra bale chamber has been specially developed to guarantee maximum baling density, and a perfect bale shape every time. This is made possible by the 4 m long baling chamber on the Fendt Squadra, which can generate even more friction through its optimised baling wall design, so creating tidy, angular bales. At the end of the day, the baling channel can be completely emptied using the separable bale ejector.


The Fendt Squadra 1290 UD ensures secure binding with maximum baling pressure with the completely revamped patented double knotter system. Knotter hooks are larger and stronger, and form a larger opening for more space when inserting and more reliable gripping of the twine, therefore securely binding even the toughest of bales. The square baler guarantees less wear and excellent reliability with just 6 knots. Trust is good, control is better. This is why the electronic gear wheel sensor placed in the middle of the baling channel measures the bale length, and automatically triggers the knot process when your set bale length is reached.

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