• Field Day
  • 23. August 2018
  • Wadenbrunn





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23. August 2018

more than 10,000 visitors
more than 30,000 hp
around 100 implements and machines
90 hectare showground


A great programme of entertainment
Fascinating product demonstrations
Lots of new innovations
Sensational prizes



Programme highlights
09:30 START: Future to the Field
10:00 Fendt Future to the Field parade
The full programme can be found here.


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Wadenbrunn / Kolitzheim

Our hubs – Where to find what

Quality in forage harvesting equipment

In themed hub 2, we present many of the Fendt forage harvesting range in live presentations, with the technology required for medium-sized and large farms. Experience the many new features and the versatility required for Alpine regions, and see how the machines achieve top forage quality.



Selected machines are presented at the show and the highlights explained. A large part of the portfolio is then demonstrated in action on grassland and maize fields. Fendt forage harvesting equipment technical solutions are showcased in the technology tent, including an explanation of how it produces exceptionally high quality forage.


FENDT Katana

The more varied the conditions, the more the Fendt Katana forage harvesters can play to their strengths. When working in grassland, it does not matter, if the terrain undulates, the ground is soft or the crop has different degrees of moisture. The Katana can handle any size of harvest. The huge cutterhead and the six feed rollers can process the highest yields with the best chop quality. The Fendt Katana forage harvester also gains momentum in maize operations. Tirelessly they work their tracks.


Powerful and precise, they guarantee the highest, homogeneous quality of the chopped material in any uncut crop and with any cutting length. There is no better way to process maize for fodder or a biogas digester.

During grassland operations where less power is normally required under normal conditions, the strengths of the Eco drive mode come into full play. With the two-speed angular gearbox, operators can switch between Eco and Power modes according to need and save precious fuel. This is accomplished by reducing the speed of the engine from 1900 to 1520 rpm. The speed of the chopping units remains constant.


The perfect interplay of all components ensures a unique crop flow in the Fendt Katana forage harvesters. From the header to the feed rollers and the knife drum to the V-Cracker, all individual components are infinitely adjustable to meet your individual needs. That increases output, reduces wear and ensures first-class, homogeneous chopped material right up to the required discharge.


Whether loading wagons or forage transport wagons, the new Tigo XR and PR combi wagons always give everything. You can work efficiently, flexibly and harvest without any loss of quality with the versatile Fendt Tigo combi wagons. They are the ideal combination of compactness and innovation. They offer the best payload thanks to their innovative design. The adjustable bulkhead also allows the loading area above the loading unit to be used. This gives the Fendt Tigo 6 m³ more loading room, which is used to best effect with the variable control of the VarioFill loading and unloading system.


The combination of advanced, low-maintenance pickup and a rotor with the smallest cutting gap on the market all guarantee high output and exceptional quality of cut. The patented rotor tine quick-change system is a user-friendly feature of the combi wagon.


More compact, easier, more manoeuvrable and shorter by at least 1 meter than other loading wagons in its class. With its 80° pivoting multi-functional bulkhead, the Fendt Tigo is one of a kind when it comes to loading. The completely closed frame of the cowl offers the highest stability in turn. The combination of light weight and compact size make Fendt Tigo the payload champion. Combined with the Fendt tractor, it becomes an unbeatable team. You can benefit from better road holding during transport through ideal weight distribution and optimum tongue weight.

FENDT Square balers

With the Fendt fixed chamber and variable round balers, your forage harvest and straw baling will go without a hitch. The balers are designed 100% for reliability and power, and offer innovative technical solutions which make your forage harvesting easier. Both models come in different versions. The fixed chamber and variable balers fitted with tables have a unique HydroflexControl system. The system feed channel can be quickly and easily unblocked. With their advanced, quiet and maintenance-free pickup, the balers guarantee exceptional, gentle forage pickup for optimal forage quality.


The mechanical bale chamber lock guarantees solid, well-compacted and consistently-shaped bales. If different materials are baled, you can select between different knife groups of 13, 17 or 25 knives, and individually adjust the cutting length.


The permanent suspension of the cutting floor, which goes under the name of Flex, is the first of two components which are responsible for this outstanding baling. A spring can be used to gently swing the cutting floor upwards and downwards. This ensures that the cutting floor can respond to fluctuating forage quantities. ‘Hydro’ is the second component of the system. This component involves two hydraulic cylinders, which make it possible to hydraulically open the floor from the cab at the touch of a button, in order to either eliminate blockages or change knives. HydroflexControl enables you to move the machine around over a long period of time hand in hand with high output.

FENDT Haytools
FENDT Cutter, FENDT Slicer, FENDT Twister, FENDT Former

The production of forage is a complex process during which several factors need to be considered to achieve optimal forage quality. Fendt offers the perfect solution for all needs, from cutting to feeding – regardless of whether large areas or difficult terrain is involved. The specially optimised implements for use on hills have a extremely lightweight and compact design. The Fendt Slicer and Cutter mowers have been designed for a long service life, excellent cut view on any ground, and ideal forage quality.


The mowers are characterised by low ground pressure and careful handling of the sward. The smart and well-designed details guarantee easy and precise adjustment and easy maintenance of implements. The Fendt Twister rotor tedder forms the perfect link between mower and hay rake. It reliably twists the cut crop across the full width without distributing it beyond the edge of the field at the field boundaries. Thanks to the three-point hitch, the Fendt Twister can be used with any tractor from 30 HP. The Fendt Former produces perfectly formed swathes. The hay rakes’ fully Cardanic suspension, which is built into the Fendt Former, gives them outstanding adjustability to the ground, both lengthwise and diagonally. Even forage which lies in hollows or tracks can be recovered without any losses.

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